The Pazar

The sounds, colors, smells, and people of the Ailon Pazar breathe life into a person. This is where we thrive as a people. This is where we can find meaning, and rebuild the world.

    - Unknown Luthier

Red and yellow curries, golden raisins, dates, almonds, rice, and figs. Booths with pashmina, copper cookware, knives, and artisan pottery. This is just a sampling of the wares lining the winding streets of the Pazar. Luthier in armbands call out their wares as people pass through aisles seeking their favorite vendor. All the while, Pazar guards ensure a lack of thievery or fraudulent trade, often standing as silent sentinels on every corner.

In the northern row of the Pazar, the tents, stalls, and small shops turn into tall stone buildings as you enter the jewel district. Things are much quieter here. Most of the customers are Moravian, or those financed by them. The three notable banks of Ailon are located here.


The Pazar

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