Silt Sea

I could hear it calling me. Water and light! Truth! I began to dig, and dig, and dig. The sand was like a cleansing flood as I searched, scraping my body free from lies. That’s when she came to me. She touched me, Bakire of the light. I leapt to her embrace, and she gave me a message for all of you. Give yourselves to her embrace, or die!

    - Ravings of a madman

Beyond the mountains, beyond the badlands, beyond the scrub, there is nothing but sand. An endless ocean of desert land destroyed in the wars of the sorcerer-kings. In the early years, many went out to try to see if there was still something. Few returned, and most of those, touched from the sun, rambled incoherently. This seemingly endless pilgrimage of suicides searching for anything other than their lives in Ailon is what prompted 173rd chancellor to forbid anymore from exiting the walls. Who is to say whether this has made life better or worse? The only certainty is that the dust beyond Ailon is never-ending.


Silt Sea

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