Vadisi Unutmak

Of course I’ve never been there, that’s like asking me if I swim in the latrine.

    - unknown Moravian

On the west end of the city as the land slopes down toward The Deadlands you enter a valley dotted with crumbling stone manors, ramshackle buildings, and many poorly built huts. This “valley of the forgotten” as it is now known is where most of the Ailon Salt caste make their home. It is not surprising that much of the sewage from the city flows through this zone before heading out to sea.

By many, the Salt are seen as little more than trash, and have just about as much value. This has grown into an attitude of supplication among a people that really refuse to both lay down and die or rise up to fight for more. Salt live difficult live in a difficult part of the city, often having to walk 10 to 20 kilometers every morning just to get to work, make a meager salary to stay alive, and return in the evening.

On the plus side, since no one really cares much for the people of Vadisi Unutmak, there is very little policing of the zone, and consequently a lot of freedom. Of course, this also leaves room for the criminal element to go unchecked from time to time.


Vadisi Unutmak

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