Life here is both a blessing and a curse, and so you will find the same in all of my work. A pot with a twisted handle, or a bowl with a jagged edge. I am not content to merely create for function, but there must be meaning behind what I do. I create for myself, and sell so that I may eat enough to create more.

    - Mustafa Yildiz

On the west bank of the Yilan for most of its length through Ailon is an enclave of the Vike artisans. Most with skill in art or crafting have gathered here in a rich community of collaboration as well as self-preservation. Many take inspiration from the Yilan itself, or from easy access to the countryside in the acres of farmland to the east. This area has been dedicated to the goddess Sanat, patron of the arts.

Although most of the crafting happens in Sanat, it is collaboration with stalls in The Pazar that allows the goods to be sold to the rest of Ailon’s citizenry. Like any other district, the quality seems to gather in specific areas as well, and artists will cater their wares to those which can afford them, and those with more talent to the rich.



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