Tot al Farak

The Elder Twin


Twin to Besh, the two are almost impossible to tell apart. Both have a medium brown skin with deep amber eyes and a mixed brown and ashen hair. Although they look alike, their personalities are far different. Töt is outgoing, often friendly, and speaks his mind, but possessed of a whimsy when it comes to action. You never know what he might do.


Being born Salt gives you very few options in Land’s Edge. Especially for the fourth son of a poor family. The main opportunity to live comfortably is to somehow make it into the town guard. So, Töt and his brother Besh devoted their waking hours to learning, watching, and training. After applying four years in a row they were finally accepted to the guard. Had they not been ignored by most of their peers and officers, they might have done better, but such is the life of a Salt. They stuck together most of the time, as their skills complimented one another well.

Then one day fate conspired against them. They were investigating a public disturbance when they stumbled on a group of the Blind Eye. To make matters worse it was some of their fellow town guard, that had gone corrupt. The thugs overwhelmed the twins, stripped them, tied them up, framed them as the real members of the Blind Eye. Of course their testimony was disregarded in the courts without a second thought. They have spent the last 3 years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit.

Tot al Farak

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