Thrin Dun

The Riddled Stranger


Thrin is a strange combination of pale skin and auburn hair with green eyes. He wears a straggled beard with mustache, and his hair runs to his shoulders in a tangled wave. He seems to always be concentrating on something else, even in conversation, yet carries himself with an upright confidence that belies this aloof nature. He appears to be in his late fifties or early sixties.


It is impossible to say who Thrin Dun is or even where he came from. His amnesia has wiped his past away. He clearly doesn’t belong in Land’s Edge, and yet here he is. The guards don’t seem to like him, but no one knows why. He is prone to headaches, and will frequently stop what he is doing and double over in pain, but there is clearly something hidden under that memory loss that intrigues many of the other inmates. He claims to be Titian, but no record of them can be found. Lately, a few town guard have shown an interest in this anomaly of a man.

Thrin Dun

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