Dangerous Footman


Sakal is quite tall even for a Vike, but often hunches over to disguise his height. His skin is very dark as are his eyes. He wears his hair long and unkempt with a long twisted beard, both of which he dies blue. He is very quick on his feet. He is young at 22, and often impetuous in speech and action, but he often more than makes up for this with his skill and experience. His body is covered in tattoos.


Sakal firmly put, is a dangerous man. Born into a family of blacksmiths, he always wanted more, no matter how he had to get it. He would often get into fights as a boy, and eventually his talent was noticed and put to use. An officer in the Blind Eye offered Sakal a different way, and he never looked back. Theft and murder became commonplace, but money turned out to be his weakness. He began to flaunt his wealth on women and booze. Eventually a bar fight landed him in jail.


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