Revolution on Hold


Big even for a Breaker, Plinth looms tall over most men. His deathly pale skin and hair that is almost clear, mark him unmistakably for one who spent most of his life in the mines. His eyes are a light shade of purple. His hair is cropped close and he has no facial hair. He has an intimidating presence, and a controlled hatred for the upper classes. Plinth is 32.


Plinth was born like many of his slave brethren in the Delikleri mines underneath Land’s Edge. A hard and brutal existence, that used to kill many. After years of weeding out the weak, few perish without incident now. He spent twenty years doing what he was told, and then he met the Underground Army. Quickly he realized that his life could have been, and could be very different. He then began fighting against his former masters and trying to recruit others to the cause. His life was devoted to ending the subjugation of his people. He began to grow bolder, smarter, and stronger, rising in the ranks.

As expected, the rulers of Land’s Edge fought back. Plinth was captured and imprisoned. That was 9 years ago. Prison changes a man, but he doesn’t forget.


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