Carom Ben Cayrom

The Disgraced Merchant


Carom is as handsome of a Luthier as they come. With perfectly tanned skin, fair hair, and blue eyes, he would often be noticed in a crowd. He is also full of wit and charm. He is a man who knows what he wants, and would often have the means to get it. He is about thirty.


What can be said about Carom Ben Cayrom? Eldest son of a wealthy spice merchant, everything seems to come naturally to Carom. Favoring the dramatic, it seems he always finds a dazzling way to engage whoever he is with. Carom inherited the family trade, and he was very good at it. He could talk his way into any deal, and tripled his family’s spice trade in a few short years. Unfortunately, he set his affections on the wrong woman. After succesfully disguising a long affair, Carom was finally found in bed with another man’s wife. He was promptly thrown in jail for breaking code, although he came very close to convincing authorities that it had been another man.

Carom Ben Cayrom

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