The Nature of Ailon and its World

There is nothing left of our world. A few bits of land. Let us tend it quietly unto death.

        Unknown priestess of Evren


Ailon is essentially the only known pocket of human civilization in the world. More of a city/state than a proper country, Ailon sits south of the Elos Mountains in The Valley. The city itself sits atop Heilon’s Mount, the place where it is said King Heilon the Great saved the city from destruction at the end of the Sorcerer-Kings’ Wars. The city is surrounded by gargantuan, winding walls of palestone, built by King Heilon to stave off the worldblight that killed the lands and people beyond Ailon. Life within the walls is harsh, brutish, and short. Life outside the walls is worse.

To the North are the Elos Mountains. Black, jagged rocky teeth that spike out of the ground into the clouds. They hold little wildlife and vegetation, but flash floods send water south to the valley and feed Ailon with precious water seasonally.

To the immediate East of city center are the Fifty Farms. Beyond their walls is the Eastern Brush, a wild and untamed land where the Deformed tribes hunt small game and survive the sun in caves, living off berries, nuts, and rodents. Raiders attack Ailon now and then, but their primitive stone tools leave them with little hope of stealing much.

To the South of Ailon is the ocean. It’s currents seem to mock the people inside, as they bring no hope from beyond.

To the West lie The Deadlands. Endless rock and mountain ranges. Temperatures reach 140 degrees at midday. It is home to only lizards, mountain goats, snakes, and spiders.

Beyond these the great Silt Sea, an endless waste of fine dust has taken over. None who enter are known to survive.

Our land is a fickle creature. Much like a wild horse that must be tamed. But when we do, she will listen to our every command, and take us swiftly to our goal. Dig deep into these lands, and the return to you shall be five, ten, or even one hundred fold. Dig shallow, and you shall find only dust and sand.

        208th chancellor at the first Cleansing


The eastern side of Ailon holds its farms, known as The Fifty Farms. The only lands known to support life, they are massive hectares walled in by Landro’s Walls and irrigated by the ancient canals that feed into the city. They supply the only sources of vegetation Ailon has access to. The food supply is always limited, consisting of grains and barley, vegetables, fruits, lentils/beans, and some industrial crops like flax and papyrus. Pears, apples, olives, lemons are available. Chickpeas, rice, and flatbreads make a daily diet. Meat is rare, with fowl being consumed by a commoner maybe every other week, goat or cattle eaten at feasts. Grapes are grown and harvested for sour and sweet wines.

We are a people enslaved by the land. Enslaved by those above, and those below. This land has been built on our backs, and we must take it back, for what we have built should belong to us. The gods have died and left us with these foul vipers above. These jewels have been spit from the mouth of the mongoose, and now it is time that we devour our true prey. Rise up bretheren, take arms, for we have become the hunter.

        Geis, General of the Breaker Rebellion Army


Ailon is the only known center of human civilization left in the world. A city/state with a population of roughly 250,000, it sits on the edge of a massive desert wasteland. The elders say their ancestors who lived long ago in Ailon knew it to be a different place. The silt, sand, rock, and badlands that surround Ailon were not always there. The ancient ones lived through a time of great tumult that destroyed most of the life, water, and greenery. It is said there were other cities beyond Ailon, and their kings waged great wars against one another. Armies were lead by evil sorcerer-kings, practitioners of ancient defiling magic. This magic came from other worlds — the underground, the sky kingdoms, and places still stranger to man. It was not of human making. Some elders believe the sorcerer-kings were not entirely human, but may have been tainted with the blood of demons. Whatever the truth may be, it is believed that these sorcerer kings destroyed one another with this magic, and with their wars came a sickness to the land. The magic changed the world from one of life to one of death. Magic blasted the world, destroying the great empires, cities, and peoples that used to inhabit the lands beyond Ailon. It is said this evil magic killed even the gods themselves who used to rule the world of man from their sky kingdoms. For it is known that Ailon is a place where the gods have no power.

Our city survived for the leadership of King Heilon the Great, he the first of his name, he who built the great walls of Ailon, the holy wells, lifesources of water. and the great Piala where every year we have the calling.


The Nature of Ailon and its World

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