The Delikleri

_ I don’t care if you rot in there and your bones never again see the sun. I will give you the lash until this mountain is stripped bare, and we have every precious gem and stone for those of us who are worth a damn._

    - 9th warden of Darkreach

    The Delikleri. The mine and quarry region of Ailon. For centuries the nearest mountains of the Elos have been stripped, crushed, beaten, and harvested for use in and around the city. It has also been the main place of oppression for the Breaker slaves. Breakers in Ailon who are lucky get to work somewhere other than the Delikleri.

    These tunnels go for countless kilometers underneath the city to the north. It is hard to say how far or how long they are. Long enough to support the many workers who mine for the city, with shelter, food, water, and work area. Long enough also to support an entire rebel faction of unknown size.

    These tunnels are run and maintained by the Ailon town guard and its captain, the warden of Darkreach prison.


The Delikleri

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