The Deadlands

_Legend has it that the name of this expansive waste of dust and rock come not from its current condition on our western border, but from the first battle between Zaman and Firat. I have a different hypothesis.

    Historian Fela Baran Duruk

Crags, jagged hills, field after field of dust and scrub, these are the main features of the area known as the Deadlands. Just outside the western border of Ailon, this arid plain is home mostly to lizards, snakes, and spiders. However, there are a few mountain goats that have learned how to adapt to the harsh climate. Of course, nothing is found there during the middle of the day when temperatures can reach an upwards of 140 degrees, enough to kill any traveler in just a few hours without proper shade and hydration. It has been centuries since caravans have attempted to travel this area, most would turn back in under two days.


The Deadlands

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