This ‘beacon of hope’ has been silent for centuries. Its lack of answers or openings now reminds us of the silence and desolation beyond our walls. It does not stand encouraging, but mocking us in our isolation

    - Osman Sahin, Blind Eye

The Piala stands as a monument of pride in the center of Ailon. This great bowl shaped amphitheater stretches 300 meters across, descending 50 meters from street level. Its central feature, a conical monolith stretching 100 meters into the sky, with no windows or doors. Much of its original purpose and construction have been lost to history, but it still serves as a gathering space for artists, orators, and poets. In addition, several larger scale theatrical productions are held here throughout the year. Most importantly, however, the Piala is the site for the annual calling of Ailon.

The size of the Piala and its location near mostly one to two story architectural structures make it stand out like a beacon for most of the city. Unless you are far out in the Fifty Farms, or in Vadisi Unutmak it can be seen.


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