It is known there were great wars in the past. Who fought these wars or why is not known. Whether they were battles of the gods or merely a struggle between men as their pawns, we may never know. Today, however, the land remains rent. Bereft of habitable land, stalked by unknown beasts and those deformed by the evil that swept across all of Ailon. We of Land’s Edge are the final root of life that must populate this world, and strive for the power that life may bring us in this wasteland. We must never give up hope, but press on, for what more do we have.

        Qatal, Exalted Vizier, 173rd Chancellor.

Before the beginning, before time, there was only Evren, who was a slave to Daire. There was wholeness in the emptiness, and chaos reigned. Evren swirled in the emptiness and brought forth Zaman. Zaman set in motion the stars and planets, and brought forth light upon the ground, and Zaman ruled over all of creation. Once more Evren swirled and brought forth Uzaya, and she wed herself to Zaman. Uzaya was deceived by Daire, and told that her husband would destroy her. So Uzaya set out to destroy Zaman. One evening after the two had lain together, Uzaya began to battle with Zaman. Their fierce struggle brought forth destruction upon the earth. The lands were split, mountains rose from the sea, and ash rained from the sky onto the ground. Seeing that Uzaya would win, Zaman split himself into many pieces, and became the creatures and people of Ailon. Thus we are all descendant from Zaman.

But, Uzaya had been given a child in their union. And so, she brought forth Firat, the storm. Firat, who had been born of hatred and deception roiled over the ground, seeking revenge on Zaman. And so, the storm rose and began to cover Ailon with its wind, water, and fierce thunder.

The other gods saw fit to let Firat destroy the men and beasts of Ailon. But the will of Zaman still lived in the people, and they rose up against the storm. Wielding powers untold, the gifts of Zaman, they pierced the storm, and pushed his wind and rain from the land. But, Firat’s anger boiled over, and he unleashed a thunder upon the land, scorching all of the ground. The great human’s of the past could not fight against the thunder of Firat, and the ground was cursed in His wake. Firat was left broken to wander the ground in wind and storm and thunder.

Evren saw fit to intervene, and spare the walls of Ailon from the rage of Firat, so that Zaman the firstborn might also live on.

Long live the chancellorship and its reign in Ailon. For this day, a great gift has been given us. The chance to fight against the blight and begin to take back, that which was savagley ripped from our lands so long ago.

        -Burun, Exalted Vizier, 229th Chancellor

The great chancellors of the past were instrumental in helping Ailon recover from the devastation of the rest of the land. They pooled together resources, and began to usher in an era of organization that helps to keep the citizens of Ailon safe and fed to this day. Their memory is honored each year at the calling ceremony in the piala. Tales of bravery and leadership are recounted during this festival.



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