The Moravian are the elite noble ruling class of Land’s Edge. They claim to trace their history back to Exalted Vizier Morav, advisor to 43rd chancellor. Although most of the proof for many years came by word of mouth, and presumed ownership of portraits of Morav. Almost all of the written records were destroyed in the great fire under 67th chancellor.

Morav is said to have driven back ancient armies of beasts merely by sheer force of his will and desire, so that Land’s Edge may remain a free city after the Plains Wars.

Moravian are always granted highest honors at the annual calling ceremony. It has been this way for countless generations. The Moravian usually keep to themselves, snubbing their noses at the lower classes, though some will make friendly with the Luthier if it will grant them profit or prestige.

Moravian almost exclusively have jet black hair. In fact it is usually frowned upon if a Moravian child is born with lighter hair. Their eyes are an eerie pale green or grey, and their skin is touched with olive.



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