The Luthier are the banking & merchant class of Land’s Edge. Luthier are often easy to spot, for most of them wear silken armbands designating the wares that they sell. Pink for jewels and jewelry, Green for spices, Blue for silks, etc. Though most of the Luthier families have amassed considerable wealth, the class itself has shrunk and is smaller than the others because there is no land or oversea trade.

Some Luthier may be found in the High Council of Land’s Edge. They play a most obvious economic role in the affairs of the city, but many of the purist Moravian believe they should be purged from the council along with the Vike. Despite this, the influence of the merchants does seem to be growing throughout Land’s Edge. After all, money can be very persuasive.

Luthier are often fair haired, but chestnut and auburn hair is not uncommon. Their skin tone ranges from a light tan to a ruddy red.



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