The record is what is most important. We must leave for future generations our legacy of successes and failure, for in a world such as this, mistakes can be fatal to all of society. Our descendants must know the right way of things, and how can it be such if we do not keep it for them. It is the will of Daire that we go on until the next Devir, and begin anew.

        Orkut, Vizier and Sribe to 45th chancellor

Long have the people of Land’s Edge loomed proud over the desert wastelands surrounding Ailon. They are the last beacon of hope in what has become a world starved of life. If the ancient legends and texts can be held true, the creeping sands, were not always so large, but today there remains only the edge, the sands, and the sea. Many have traveled mile after mile into the wet desert or the dry, but none have returned with news of anything but more desert. After so many failures, it was decreed by 173rd chancellor that the gates be sealed. Those inside could not leave, and those found outside would be exiled for life, little more than a death sentence.

It is rumored that Land’s Edge used to have a name, but if it has this too has been lost to history. Death’s Edge is becoming the more common name, because most of the people have lost hope that anything can change. 208th chancellor attempted to change this with the Cleansing, but this only plunged the city into further despair. 229th chancellor eased the sadness of the city with the beginning of Reclamation, and although this has brightened the spirits of some, it is mostly a class of elite, and Reclamation has proven to further polarize a very segregated people.

High hopes rest on 303rd chancellor. It is said he was born unto a prophetic star, and that his reign will bring about great and wanted change, but little can be gained from one who is still yet a boy.



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