Fifty Farms

How precious is this dry earth? It means nothing without the fresh waters coming out of the Elos. It is learning to respect both of them together that keeps us alive.

    - Mehmet Ozdimur, Botanist

From the east side of the river Yilan, running roughly 50km to the east you will find the farms, pastures, and orchards known as the fifty farms. The people of Ailon live and die based on how well these fields are harvested. Several years of bad harvest can transform the whole city for a generation or more, its impact rippling deep within the economic system. No class is completely isolated from long droughts, blights, or locust swarms, but naturally the poor always take things harder. In order to quell these fluctuations in food as much as possible, large stores of grain are kept and rationed year after year, based on the harvest.

The Yilan is used widely for irrigation, and as you travel farther out the crops are planted to take advantage of the dry ground. As the seasons are relatively consistent (hot and dry with a rainy season in late sumer) Ailon can harvest 2 or three times a year depending on the crop.


Fifty Farms

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