Elos Mountains

The slave claimed to think that he could climb all the way out to escape. I’ve attempted Heilon’s mount, and found it daunting, but his true failure was believing that he could think.

    Records from a Breaker Interrogation

Believed to be borne of the battle between Zaman and Firat, Heilon’s mount rises in prominence as the beginning of the Elos chain, snaking its way north until finally hitting the blight some miles from the walls of Ailon. Rich in minerals and precious metals, these mountains have been mined and quarried for centuries. The Hayat river flows south to the Dead Waters originating in springs and mountain pools from deep within the chain. Not much more is known about the Elos because their jagged peaks make for extremely treacherous climbs.

Two major canyons wind through the Elos headed north out of Ailon. Like much of the surrounding environment, not many have returned from expeditions into these canyons, and rumors of giants and poisonous beasts flow through children’s fairy tales and tavern songs when the Elos are mentioned at all. However, some evenings in the city you can hear massive rockslides falling out in the mountains beyond. Apocalyptic cultists believe this to be the final groanings of a world on the brink of destruction.


Elos Mountains

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