Eastern Brush

When you know the brush like I do, you have a chance for survival. It’s easy to pick the edible berries or nuts, find pools of rainwater, and shade yourself. But then, there’s always a chance of getting your head bashed in by Deformed. I usually try to avoid that.

    Pre-Closure Vike Farmer

Wild grass grows, often shoulder high, splattered throughout the scrub in the Eastern Brush. Wandering through these patches without caution can be perilous. Snakes, diseased rodents, and large spiders often find shelter from predators here. Then there’s the chance of tripping into a thicket of thornbrush, or worse a pride of scrub lions. The occasional tamarisk or acacia dots the landscape, but the rocky soil leaves little room for much else.

Wild dogs can often be heard braying out of the Brush in the night, some even venturing close enough to try and find food in the Ailon waste chutes. These are often quickly dispatched by Ailon guards, in hopes that future packs will be discouraged.

However, it is clear to everyone that the main threat of the Brush are the groups of Deformed somehow surviving in a meager existence out in the wastelands surrounding Ailon. Most sightings of Deformed have occurred out in the Brush, and guards are often posted more heavily on the eastern walls to make sure groups of these cannibal creatures don’t enter the city.


Eastern Brush

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